published December 28, 2015

Now, we can directly submit the EPF withdrawal forms and the settlement will happen directly into our bank account. EPFO has come up with new and revised forms using which EPF withdrawal process is now super easy and can happen without employer signature or any involvement. EPFO has issued 3 new simplified forms. These are one-page forms requiring only 5-6 types of information to be submitted. Which will be used for as follows :


EPF withdrawal: Form 19 UAN – We can fill this form to withdraw from our EPF at the time of retirement or leaving the job. Taking our money from the EPF is allowed only if we are unemployed for 2 months. So in case we just change a job and join a new company within 60 days, we cannot officially withdraw from EPF, we need to apply for EPF transfer in that case.


Pension benefit under EPS :Form 10-C UAN – We can fill up this form in order to withdraw from our EPS amount. EPS account is a separate account linked to our EPF which is for the purpose of pension. Note that one is allowed to withdraw from EPS only if our EPF is not more than 10 yrs old.


Partially withdrawn : Form 31 – UAN – This form can be submitted if we want to partially withdraw from Employee provident fund (EPF) account for the purpose like marriage, house buying or medical emergency. There are different rules for different situations.


Difference between old and new forms is –The exits forms 19, 10C and 31 already (without the word UAN), but now the new forms end with the word “UAN”.


Simple Steps :


Ø  Attach a canceled cheque along with these Forms

Ø  Submit the new EPF withdrawal forms and canceled cheque to the regional EPF office.


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